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Black Magic Love Spells and a Blue Moon

Although rarely blue, a blue moon is an astronomical occurrence that many crave to see and experience. This moon is a type of full moon, but it is said to hold many special powers amongst the special few who can transmit energy and power from the unknown. The blue moon is also a rare happening, as it occurs during the second full moon in a month, with two full moons. So, you see a blue moon only once every two or three years. When you experience the blue moon, it’s an event to capture in your memories for a long time to come.

What’s so Special About the Blue Moon?

There’s plenty special about this moon. For spellcasters and witches, it serves as the perfect opportunity to cast black magic love spells that are strong and powerful. When it is results that you want, it is time to cast these spells during the blue moon. Whether you are seeking to break up a relationship, want to find love of your own, or even return a past lover to your current life, doing so with the use of black magic love spells is simple.

Aside from the black magic phenomenon with the blue moon, there are lots more special things that are sure to send you into awe. Here are a few more things to expect.

·    The moon will likely not be blue, but instead a gray color

·    Most people say the Blue Moon resembles any other moon

·    Now there is an excuse to do what you’ve wanted to do

·    Spells work easily

These are only some of the benefits that come to those who choose to perform their spells when the blue moon happens. Of course, these benefits come when there is any full moon, just not as strongly.

Spells & The Blue Moon

black magic love spells

When the moon is full, the planet’s energies are increased. We experience full moons often. When the moon increases in its size and magnitude and the blue moon occurs, it further increases the spiritual awareness of the energies in the world around us. When there is a blue moon, we all powerful and strong. It’s a time when we can become one with ourselves and guide our inner being on the right track.  You should be well versed in spell casting before involving the blue moon. There are right and wrong ways to introduce the moon and if you are not prepared and skilled, many things could go wrong.

It isn’t Bad

So many people think that a blue moon is a sign of the witch or the devil, but this is untrue. The same with spells. Rather, they’re abundant forces of energy that can help you transport your life for the best. Don’t listen to everything that you hear and think that black magic or the blue moon are bad. You are missing out if you believe these myths, and when there’s powerful spells out there, that is the last thing that you want to happen.