Headphone Jack – Is it Dying?

Whenever a new series of smartphones comes out, and we some feature in them that was not present before, we wonder whether a piece of tech has been killed. And recently we are getting to a stage where it appears as though the headphone jack is in a bit of danger. There are a number of smartphones now out where you do not have a headphone jack in them. While it is by no means something that is going to become the mainstream, it is becoming more obvious with some of the smartphone models that are coming out.

But is it a good sign? Or should we be worried that we are losing the headphone jack? In our view, it is a double sided question. For most smartphone makers, the reason why they would get rid of the jack is because they want to make the phone sleeker than it was before. Or maybe they want to place something else in that space where the jack would normally go. This is an understandable way of doing things. And if you are the average smartphone user, you may even appreciate the sleeker phone that does not have a jack.

But if you are someone who loves using high quality wired headphones with your smartphone, this is a move that may not make you too happy. You may feel as though this is a move in the wrong direction. And we can understand why you would feel this way. The reason why so many people are unhappy is because they will need to get a bulky and ugly adapter that they have to stick onto their phone if they want to use their high end headphones with a smartphone. And that is never fun. So whether this is a good move depends entirely on what headphones you own!