When your Dog Needs a Canine Knee Brace

To put it simply, your dog needs a knee brace any time they have an injury to one or more of their knees. Though this is put simply, it is true. The actual reasons for the brace get more detailed and differ from one situation to the next. Sometimes, a potential knee problem can be caught early and the brace may be worn only during times of high activity. You see people doing this in the gym or when running. It keeps the joints stable.

When there are ligament and tendon tears, a joint is more prone to injury and repetitive motion injuries. Dogs spend their life on four legs, so there is twice the potential for serious knee problems. Most of the issues can be prevented or it can be as extreme as a serious injury that never completely heals. Either way, a good canine knee brace will be an essential part of healing and the dog’s comfort level. You would want the same for yourself. Then give it to your best friend in his or her time of need.

Dogs are not very demanding. They will do their best to look happy no matter how weak their knees are. At the same time, you can tell that their activity is dwindling and that they are in pain. Learn how to tell the difference between your dog’s healthy walk and an injured walk. The differences may be only slight, but it is of importance to address it with professional care in a timely manner. Often, the problem can be treated with a brace alone. Other times, there may be a need for surgery and then a brace will be needed for speedier healing.

After a dog has sustained a knee injury, it may need different care than other dogs. This will be essential to their quality of life. Anything healthy that can be done to relieve their pain and improve movement of their joints will be of essential benefit. The proper brace with the right care and good physical therapy will go a long way in a shorter period of time.

canine knee brace

A knee brace works by limiting the motion of the knee so that sensitive and injured areas will not be further injured and can heal. Certain conditions of the joints can result in an increase of both extension and contraction, making the knees more prone to injury. Again, the knee brace for canines comes in handy to keep knee motion balance during high activity such as playing or running. Dogs like to be active and it is easy to train them for a brace.

If you suspect that your dog has knee problems, get the vet to check out the problem and then lead you and the dog to reasonable and healthy solutions. Consider the long term benefits of orthopedic pet care and how it can give your dog a much better life. It will also cut down on future vet bills by keeping the dog healthy and active.